Windows XP to Linux - So what do I do when there’s a problem?!

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I have initially assumed it's a direct result of the previous post (Appearing on - My web server all of a sudden needs to deal with quite a bigger stream of visitors and it never happened to it before…

My server crashed and stopped responding completely for 3 or so hours
(I wasn't home at the time).

When I came back home, I simply restarted the box and everything seems fine now.
So now it's a new challenge I'm facing with Linux - There are a few new questions I need to investigate:

1.Did the server really buckle under the load?
I'm sitting next the machine now, and there are about the same amount of visitors - and it doesn't seem to care.
No, I don't think it's the load of visitors.
How exactly do I check out what happened?
What log file should I examine?
Maybe I was simply hacked?
What things need I do to understand and recreate exactly what happened?

2. One of the things I've ALWAYS done with Windows is regularly backup the system.
I've just realized that I've never done so with my Linux
box! (Stupid I know…)
How do I backup my entire system - the right way?
I've never ever even burned a CD/DVD with Linux - I would have to researched the subject.

The troubles of migrating from Windows XP (Or any non-Linux OS) to Linux, seem to be huge all of a sudden when an emergency/problem occurs.
It's more than just  "I need this or that done, what program does that?"

All of a sudden, you are in a situation where there's no HOWTO. You need to simply KNOW the system, know where to check and what to do - And that's something only time and experience bring.

I'll post anything I learn from researching
the above questions..

Any thoughts




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