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Archive for February, 2005

So I’ve decided to switch to Linux. Episode 4: THE END

NOTE  – A lot of you guys reach this, final, episode without reading the first ones. Please start HERE –>  Episode 1: Introduction.

Yes, the end.
I'm going back to Windows XP. No more Linux on the desktop for me.
For starters – Linux IS cool. It's really fun to play with. Using Linux on my desktop showed [...]

gDrive – Use your GMail account!

Every person that wantsa a GMail accout has one nowadays.
Even I am offering accounts free, as I have plenty of them..
gDrive – a set of PHP files, allows you to store anything in your gMail account, actually using it as an online storage device and not an email account.
Features: – upload / download files of [...]

Firefox Tweaking

Following the release of Firefox 1.0.1 update, here is a site that gathers some of the recommended extensions, tips etc.
I know I know, there are dozens of articles like that out there.
But this one seems pretty good, and deeper than usual…
Visit the artice: Teach Firefox A Few New Tricks

Firefox 1.0.1 Released

Firefox 1.0.1 update was released today.
Among the changes are:
    * Improved stability
    * International Domain Names are now displayed as
       (To show International Domain Names in Unicode,
        set the "network.IDN_show_punycode" preference to false.)
    * Several security fixes.
Full details can be read here.

Windows XP to Linux – So what do I do when there’s a problem?!

I have initially assumed it's a direct result of the previous post (Appearing on – My web server all of a sudden needs to deal with quite a bigger stream of visitors and it never happened to it before…

My server crashed and stopped responding completely for 3 or so hours (I wasn't [...]