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February 19, 2005

So I’ve decided to switch to Linux. Episode 3: Building my desktop

22:11 | Computers | Linux | Windows | Me | OS | Comments: 4

It has been almost a week now since I did the deed.
It takes some time to build a system that suits your needs. I have to research a lot, and install components, in order to get my system to be able to do everything I could with Windows XP.

So what is there to install?Well, file […]

New cool Firefox extension discovered- Flagfox

20:55 | Computers | Browsers | Tips | Firefox | Comments: 0

I have discovered a cool new Firefox extension - Flagfox.
I found the reference at metallikop dot blog which is a pretty cool blog by itself.
What Flagfox does is simple but very cool - It displays a short icon with the national flag of the site you are visiting.
The Firefox extensions I am now using are:

All-in-One […]

February 16, 2005 discovered, enjoyed and used

2:26 | Computers | Internet | Tips | Comments: 0 - One of the hottest new web concepts was discovered by me just a week or two ago.
The concept is amazingly simple - The site allow you to post site bookmarks, and assign one or more tags to it.
The tag is any word that you wish. For example, I've tagged Slashdot with the following […]

February 15, 2005

Internet Explorer 7

20:15 | Windows | IE | Comments: 0

Today at RSA Bill Gates announced that IE7 Beta would be released this summer…!
I have noticed the interesting headline at Forever geek.
The details of this announcement was discussed over at IEBlog, a blog by the Microsoft guy that's responsible for IE.
I couldn't agree more with Jeremy from Forever Geek:
"They claim they are doing this because […]

February 14, 2005

So I’ve decided to switch to Linux. Episode 2: Saying goodbye to Windows

1:30 | Computers | Linux | Windows | Me | OS | Comments: 3

Last episode I've detailed my computer background a bit, and the reasons for making the move.
Today's episodes detailes the first steps of the journy.
I've backed-up everything. All my documents, MP3s, family photos, old university assignments, emails, contacts, appointments, even Half-life 2 saved games.
I've backed them all up on a few DVD-Rs - This is always […]

February 13, 2005

Unbelievable! A machine that seems to predict the future!

14:22 | Geek | Comments: 0

I know - It sounds like another urban legend or a tabloid story - But this actually seems to be real!
Red Nova - A serious news site is reporting a story about a project with REAL scientists at  the REAL Princeton University,
where a machine, random number generator, actually predicts the future.
I usually laugh at such […]

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