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Archive for March, 2005

Does Gmail really stop at 1 GB?!

The Inquirer is reporting that it appears that Google Gmail accounts are bottomless barrels..!
Bottom line – One Gmail user has actually reached the 1GB limit of stored email – And guess what happened..?!
Apparently the account currently just keeps growing and doesnt really limit you at all…
It would be interesting to see whether Gmail account would [...]

Enlightenment – Linux desktop of the future

Update (11/2005): If you came here wondering where the hell has gone – Read is Dead

Note: So you wouldn't need to bother with reading the next few lines –
Here are screenshot 1, screenshot 2 and the AMAZING CLIP.

Enlightenment – I think I've completely forgot about this one..
It was once one of the [...]

NeroLINUX available!

Nero, the grandmaster of Windows CD/DVD burning, has released a Nero version for Linux – NeroLINUX!
IMHO, This is good news because we need those Windows cornerstone apps to be available on Linux too in order to be a viable desktop OS.
In this case, I'm not even sure that NeroLINUX is better than K3B or GnomeBaker, [...]