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If you've followed my 4-part series So I've decided to switch to Linux (Start with Episode 1: Introduction) you know that I've tried to document my experiment to use Linux as my main desktop OS.

The bottom line of my experiment: I LOVE Linux. It's really an amazing OS with HUGE potential. The power a user can harness with Linux as the OS is awesome.
I've been using it for years and will CONTINUE using it on a daily basis for my server PC and special tasks.

And Linux is also almost ready to be my main desktop OS. ALMOST.

That was my bottom line - ALMOST. I've continued to stress out how Linux has made huge progress towards being a true Windows alternative - and the things that I think are missing in order for it to be there a 100%.

Now - first of all, ALL the feedback I've received UNTIL the bottom line was very positive.

When I got to the last episode, and to the bottom line, all of a sudden some of the feedback started to get nasty. No matter how much I've tried to explain that I'm PRO Linux and that I've written down things that are in need of change - People still managed to get pissed of
me saying anything bad about Linux.

Except for my actual journal, you can read the all positive comments HERE and how it can turn nasty with some criticism HERE.
(It's from Ubuntu Forums - A beautiful Linux community and great resource!)

I wanted to write back to all the fanatics who got pissed, both on my website and in the forums, and explain why what they say is simply wrong, and how I'm on THEIR side and just want to improve Linux -
But somehow, I've never gotten round to it… Guess that with days passing by I kinda gave up on them and forgot about it…

So why am I writing this now?
Because I've found two GREAT articles today (Recommended reads!) :

The first one is Linux - How To Take Over The Market  and the second is My first 48 hours enduring Ubuntu 5.04
(Which if you haven't realized by now, is distribution of choice).

Now - These two are GREAT Linux articles, BUT, like what I've tried to do - They talk about what's still lacking and how to improve our favorite OS.

Guess what?
The same fanatics emerged here as well..

Linux - How To Take Over The Market - This person obviously likes Linux and wants it to succeed, and mentions a few very obvious shortcomings.

Still - Instead of actually THANKING the guy for his comments - There are enough people that actually start again with the "Windows is worse!" stupidity!
Come on!!!

My first 48 hours enduring Ubuntu 5.04 - WOW, what a great article. This guy is obviously a pro! A true GUI expert.

He installed the latest and greatest Ubuntu version just released, and commented about anything he sees as bad interface design.

His comments are pure gold! He doesn't mention Windows here, but just what he sees as wrong with this specific Linux GNOME design.
Pure gold I'm telling you!
I mean here's an honest to God pro that gives you free tips you can learn from when designing GNOME 3.
You can turn a good product into an even better one!

But do you thing EVERYONE thanked the man? - That's right. No.
There are enough fanatics here to tell him how Windows is worse, and Linux is perfect. Jeez!

My point?
My point is that I like Linux as an OS. Exactly as I'm sure the two
above authors also do.
I don't like the Windows hegemony, and I want Linux to succeed.

However, there are Linux FANATICS - That don't realize that the definition of fanaticism IMHO is not being able to accept that the goods you are promoting are anything less than perfect.
Face it guys! Linux is not perfect. Nothing is.

If you honestly like Linux and want it to truly succeed - Stop trashing criticism. Do not automatically take the defensive (Or even offensive) position.
Embrace positive criticism as an opportunity to improve Linux and make it better!

What do you think?




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Comment on July 27, 2005 @ 3:38

I agree. If Linux were perfect, I wouldn’t need to dual-boot Windows to play my games. I don’t even have conversations about the strengths of Linux/Windows anymore because everyone who sticks up for Linux is on a “I just discovered Linux and I feel so l337″ power trip.

But hey, people aren’t perfect either, and the more ignorant they are, they more vocal they tend to be. Such is life.

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