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Archive for April, 2005

A tiny but important site tweak

The quick-eyed visitors may note a small, but important, site change.
I've added a very small menu on the top-right corner – Just the essentials!Apparently some people missed the fact that the "Home" link was hidden in my blinking picture – So I've added the Home link.Also, while I was at it, I've added the Contact [...]

Superman Returns!

When I was a young kid, my hero was Superman. And I mean BIG TIME.
The Superman movies made a huge impact on my young impressionable mind – and I have spent the better part of a the early eighties running around with underwear over my pants and a big cape (errr.. towel actually) hanging from [...]

Next Generation Xbox name REVEALED!

Well, most news sites seem to agree this time it's for real – The Next Generation Xbox shall be called:Xbox 360
Many news sites reported this. A respectable one to read it at is HERE.I'm not sure I like the name.First it reminds me of Yahoo! 360, and I simply don't think it's a catchy name, [...]

Yahoo! 360.A^? Invites available!

Well, I heard about it. Especially the part where it's invite only. Obviously I had to be invited. And I was. Yahoo! 360.A^?
- Now I have no idea what to do with it…!

Anyhow, I've got almost a 100 invitations.
If anyone wants one, drop me a line and I'll invite…
(As you'll be able [...]

The problem with Linux (Fanatics)

If you've followed my 4-part series So I've decided to switch to Linux (Start with Episode 1: Introduction) you know that I've tried to document my experiment to use Linux as my main desktop OS.
The bottom line of my experiment: I LOVE Linux. It's really an amazing OS with HUGE potential. The power a user [...]