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April 3, 2005

Microsoft continues to shoot own foot!

0:41 | Computers | Linux | Windows | Me | OS | Comments: 1 reports that "Microsoft Expands Windows Piracy Check" and will require users who want to download local language add-ons to Windows to first validate their copy of the operating system as legitimate.
Personally, I think that a huge part of Microsoft's success has been pirated software!I have this long, very detailed and interesting, theory about this […]

Too funny to handle!

0:25 | Humor | Comments: 0

Oh man… The poor, poor girl! But it's SO funny!
This girl was photographed during a party - and her pose was somewhat… interesting.
Anyhow, some people posted it online, and started toying with it…
1. This is DAMN funny! (At least I think so…)
2. I pity the girl though.
3. The Internet is a DAMN powerful thing, which […]

Windows XP X64 goes gold!

0:20 | Computers | Windows | OS | Comments: 0

The Inquirer is reporting that Windows XP is finally 64 bit!
Why is that so good?Very simple, it's the best sign of the changing of generation of PCs.Now finally the AMD64 processors will be supported properly, more and more software that actually put to good use the 64 bit architecture would come out - And very […]

Gmail grows to 2GB AND BEYOND!

0:13 | Computers | Internet | Comments: 0

Funny how I've just posted a related news item jut a few days ago…Seems it was the first piece of evidence for what Google is planning.
All the news sites are posting about Gmail's big announcement yesterday of increasing the mailbox limit from 1GB to a whopping 2GB.
Well, actually, if you read carefully, it's not […]

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