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Archive for June, 2005

How to backup your precious and Bloglines information

I've been using for quite some time now. Can't imagine the Internet without it at this point.If, God forbid, you still don't know what is, please read an early post about it HERE.
Same thing goes for Bloglines. I've been using it as my RSS feed reader for a long time now. No other [...]

Fighting Comments Spam, weird HTTP GET requests and blocking IP Addresses on Apache

About a week ago something annoying started to happen to my Web site.All of a sudden many of my posts were being hammered with user comments.Normally, that would be a good thing.
However, all of these comments were actually advertising casinos and porn sites…Spam. This is simply spam.I remembered reading about it, but I've just realized [...]

Microsoft? AGAIN?!?!

NEWSFLASH!!!  Microsoft wants to ruin all software companies and remain the sole provider of applications!Well… Maybe that's not really true – However, seems like Microsoft has taken another step towards reaching that goal…
The news? Microsoft issued today a downloadable beta version of Acrylic, a new graphic design software.Is this the end of Photoshop?I don't know, [...]

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE finally inching forward!

Yeah, I admit it, I'm a Simpsons fan. I mean I REALLY like the show.. REALLY!
Anyhow, Ain'tItCoolNews reports that THE SIMPSONS MOVIE finally inching forward! Woo-Hoo! 

Dilbert is a whore!

You guys all know Dilbert  – Heck, it's one of my all-time favorite cartoons.
That's why I was sooo disappointed to learn that Scott Adams has sold his soul, and made Dilbert a BSA WHORE!!!
For the uninformed: The loathsome BSA (Business Software Alliance) is a Microsoft front that uses paid
informants and automated takedown notices to censor [...]