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Archive for July, 2005

Two interesting science news items

It’s been a couple of interesting days in science. Astronomy to big exact.
One cool news item is that NASA announced finding Water ice in crater at Martian north pole!
I’m not sure everyone understand the meaning of this – Water, H2O, on mars.
Scientists belive that water is a major evidence for life – So is there [...]

Microsoft “Genuine Advantage” cracked in 24h!

This is friggin’ hilarious… Barely a single day goes by after reporting Microsoft enforces “Windows Genuine Advantage” to crack down on illegal copies of its software – And the thing was cracked!
In less than 24 hours..! And the crack is so simple..!!!
Ladies and gents, when you’re online and you want to download an update, before [...]

Windows Vista Beta 1 – Initial Impressions

Windows Vista Beta 1 was finally released today.
Your usual “First Impressions” and initial reports in general are slowly starting to be published.
Found three interesting pieces in PC Magazine:
1. Vista: I Can See Clearly Now
2. Vista’s New Look
3. Hands On with Windows Vista Beta 1
Also, for screenshots, check out Microsofts’ Windows Vista Virtual Pressroom.

Microsoft Vista (“Longhorn”) beta 1 to be released tomorrow!

Yes falks, it’s true. WinBeta reveals Microsoft codename ‘Longhorn’ beta 1 to be released tomorrow!
I’m eagerly waiting to see what MS will do with Vista. Vista, in my humble opinion, will be the OS that will make or break Microsoft.
We’re at a crucial technological, social and economical time. OSX is moving to Intel platform. Linux [...]

As of today – Microsoft to shoot own foot

Remeber when I wrote about “Microsoft continues to shoot own foot” back in early April?
Well – As of today it’s actually happening!
Microsoft expanded its “Windows Genuine Advantage” program, requiring users of its software to verify their copies of software in order to receive add-ons to Windows XP.
Get more details HERE.
Read my orignial opinion on the [...]