After 2 back-breaking days - is back up

10:58 | Me | Site has been down for the last 2 days - For a good reason. Our small young family is scheduled to get bigger next month - So we’re moving to a bigger apartment.
We’ve actually completed the move. That’s why the site hasn’t been up for 2 days, but there will probably be some short down times in the coming couple of days – Hopefully everything is going to be completed and running smoothly after that.

The funny part is that since I’m running this site on my own personal Linux-powered PC, and a less-than-amazing ADSL line, when the site went down, the IP address associated with was automatically assigned to a different customer by my ISP.
This means that in the last 2 days if you entered you were greeted by some poor guy’s ZyXEL wireless router..!

And the coolest part ?
A colleague of mine actually noticed and asked me what happened to my site. It really flattered me.




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