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Archive for August, 2005

Windows Vista Video

Forever Geek posted a cool Windows Vista video.
The video has Patrick Norton from PC Magazine (And TechTV RIP) showing off Windows Vista – And it actually looks cool!
Check it out HERE

Windows 95 is 10 years old! (PLUS Amazing nostalgic video!)

It’s astonishing how time flies! I remember it as if it was yesterday a^??
The Windows 95 operating system was launched exactly 10 years ago.
The media and the computer-using public went nuts. Windows 95 was an instant hit.
The reason?
I think it was the fact that Microsoft was already dominating the OS market with DOS, and Windows [...]

Linux – Removing duplicate lines using uniq utility

I think that one of the biggest advantages Linux has over Windows is the powerful command-line utilities and scripting. You can do some really cool things with Linux.
Of course Windows has its advantages, and naturally Windows XP is what I use on my work PC, so in order to enjoy the power of Linux utilities [...]

Official – Google Instant Messenger Launched!

What was first reported yesterday by the LA Times is now official and out: Google today (Wednesday, 24 Aug) launched Google Talk, an instant messenger based on the open-source Jabber protocol.
The Google Talk client includes both IM and voice chatting capabilities.
The new Web site – – hosts the Windows downloadable client, plus client alternatives [...]

After 2 back-breaking days – is back up has been down for the last 2 days – For a good reason. Our small young family is scheduled to get bigger next month – So we’re moving to a bigger apartment.
Wea^??ve actually completed the move. Thata^??s why the site hasna^??t been up for 2 days, but there will probably be some short down [...]