Problem when upgrading to Firefox 1.07 on Ubuntu - Solved!

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As I’ve reported on the previous post - I’ve lost (temporarily hopefully..) my Windows XP PC, so I’m “reduced” to using my Ubuntu Linux server as my main desktop PC.
So far it’s been surprisingly fun and refreshing.
However, I’ve encountered my first obstacle already…

As also reported earlier Firefox 1.07 was released, and being an important security update I wanted to update my Ubuntu Firefox too.
I’ve used the automatic Update Manager - And boom, Firefox doesn’t load anymore!
It doesn’t say anything, and there are no error messages at all, it simply does not run.
What should I do?! I can’t even access the Internet and run a quick research since Firefox itself is not running…
After some head scrathcing - I’ve finally figured how to get Firefox to run by running it in debug mode (firefox –debug).

After a quick research I’ve found the solution at the great Ubuntu Forums.

Simply do the following:
cd /var/cache/apt/archives
sudo dpkg -i –force-all mozilla*1.07*.deb

Worked like a charm!
Why would you need this to be done? What exactly does this do?
Do you ever have to do this in Windows..?

Reminder: I’m FOR Linux as a valid desktop OS so do NOT get pissed!
- But how come there are always these tiny things that the vast majority of users will not be willing to deal with and that Windows users are not expected to?!




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