Computer problems resolved - New HD purchased.

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If you’ve read this post you know I had a serious problem with my main XP PC.

Since it was obvious to me SOME hardware piece has probably kicked the bucket, I had to take my PC to a computer store to find the problem (You can know everything about fixing computers, but it doesn’t help you when you need extra parts in order to find the problem.)

Once there the problem was immediately detected - Unfortunately the single most expensive part on my PC is the problem - My ATI Radeon 9800XT is dead!!!
My PC is not the cutting-edge devil it was when I bought it 3 years ago. It’s a modest AMD Athlon 2400 (2GHz CPU) with 512MB of RAM.
The video card however was the star - An ATI Radeon 9800XT is still one of the most powerful cards around, and is still pretty expensive although it’s from an older generation.

So unfortunately it’s dead, and I can only curse the financial blow - I replaced it with a lowly, cheap, GeForce 5200.
Honestly? I don’t play computer games anymore so much, so I’ll probably won’t feel the difference.
I’ll wait for a complete PC upgrade in 6-12 months or so to get a decent card.

I had to comfort myself somehow - So I’ve decided I’ll solve my storage problem (40GB total!) and get myself a cool 160GB SATA-II HD!

Bottom Line - My Windows XP PC is back and working, with no information loss.




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