A Firefox Fan’s Perspective of the Flock Browser

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I’ve written about Flock some time ago, begging for an invite to get the browser.
Will, as most of you probably know already from all the hype, Flock has been released to almost public beta.

After waiting for so long I immediately downloaded and installed Flock.
I find it really hard to explain but after a few minutes of playing with it I’ve uninstalled it and got back to Firefox.
Again – It’s hard for me to explain why.
I think it’s the fact that the browser was bulky and slow for me, and it scared the shit of me that it can easily screw up your del.icio.us bookmarks.
Anyhow, I’ve decided I’ll be waiting for a more advanced build before I install it again. I prefer to wait for thousands of other people to find the early bugs in the system.

If you want more details about the browser, read a great reveiw over at Flexbeta - A Firefox Fan’s Perspective of the Flock Browser




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