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Google Base - Buzzzzzz

The Internet is buzzing with “Google Base” a^?? What is it? No one actually knows but the favorite rumor right now is that ita^??s an eBay-killer.
When I go to the URL I get a login-screen that takes me nowhere.

I won’t waste my time of writing BS about it myself a^?? Simply do yourself a favor and Google for: google base.

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  1. » So what is Google Base exactly? WordPress Says:

    [...] After many rumors, all turned out to be wrong, Google Base has been officially launched. I dona^??t usually post about this kind of stuff, since all the conventional tech news sites, and pretty much everyone post about these kind of news. However, I have to comment about this one. The reason being is that this new service is not as simple to understand as other ones, and may need some clarification. [...]

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