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How to watch DivX movies on a PS2 console a^?? The best quick guide

I’ve had a PS2 console for quite some time now. While technically I knew it was capable of showing DivX movies, I’ve never had to actually use it since my PC was always connected to my TV and home theatre system.
However, ever since we’ve moved a couple of months ago, my PC is no longer connected to the TV due to the room arrangements in the new flat.
I’ve tried to try and figure out how to use my PS2 to watch DivX movies and listen to MP3 songs.
I’ve search Google, and searched Usenet - But I’ve never managed to find a decent, simple How-To guide about how to do it.
Finally a friend of mine simply exalained it to me, and it’s REALLY simple folks, so listen-up:

1. First of all your PS2 console has to have a mod-chip installed a^?? I assume most of you know and have done that already.
2. Run your eMule client a^?? I’m guessing you know how to do thata^??
3. Run a search for: PS2reality
PS2reality is a PS2 media player. What we’re looking for in this search is for an actual complete CD image already built with a loader/booter, PS2reality and everything on it already.
I found many files that are .nrg/.iso as described above.
The latest PS2reality version as of writing is PS2reality 1.50.
4. Burn the CD and boot the PS2 with it.
5. Simply follow the easy on-screen steps, and replace the boot CD with your own CD/DVD with DivX/MP3 files.

I’m REALLY enjoying myself with this new discovery. The quality is excellent and I’m finally putting my PS2 to good use. ;-)

I’ve even managed to my surprise to watch all the movie with Hebrew subtitlesa^?? Simply needed to download the awesome and free Subtitle Workshop, and reverse the subs.

5 Responses to “How to watch DivX movies on a PS2 console a^?? The best quick guide”

  1. Macpire Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox Says:

    Cool i hope it will work ;)

    ??? ?? ?????????? ?oe???? ?????????? ???? ???Y” ;)

  2. mauricio Windows XP Mozilla Firefox Says:

    have you watched the movie without the subtitle attached on the movies, i mean, separated? wow!! why you used subtitle workshop?

  3. sagi Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 Says:

    אם זה אפשרי מצדחה לפרט קצת יותר אל איך זה עובד בדיוק אני יודה לך מאוד תודה רבה.

  4. mohit Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 Says:

    thanks for the info. can you also play media files (movies,pictures,music) that is on the external hard disk and is connected to the PS2 via usb??
    pl. guide me

  5. playstation 2 systems UNITED STATES Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 Says:

    Thanks for the quick walk through, the PS2 just keeps giving! Thanks again…

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