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Archive for October, 2005

A Firefox Fan’s Perspective of the Flock Browser

I’ve written about Flock some time ago, begging for an invite to get the browser.
Will, as most of you probably know already from all the hype, Flock has been released to almost public beta.
After waiting for so long I immediately downloaded and installed Flock.
I find it really hard to explain but after a few minutes [...]

Is Your Son a Computer Hacker? – An Internet Classic

Oh God, the Internet used to have so many funny shit on it..!
Found a classic a few days ago – Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?
This satiric piece made my eyes water a few years ago, a real gem. I don’t recall what made me laugh harder, the article itself or the reader’s [...]

Google Base – Buzzzzzz

The Internet is buzzing with “Google Base” a^?? What is it? No one actually knows but the favorite rumor right now is that ita^??s an eBay-killer.
When I go to the URL I get a login-screen that takes me nowhere.
I won’t waste my time of writing BS about it myself a^?? Simply do yourself a favor [...]

How to watch DivX movies on a PS2 console a^?? The best quick guide

I’ve had a PS2 console for quite some time now. While technically I knew it was capable of showing DivX movies, I’ve never had to actually use it since my PC was always connected to my TV and home theatre system.
However, ever since we’ve moved a couple of months ago, my PC is no longer [...]

Batman Begins

Miraculously I’ve managed to somehow find the time for something I used to do a lot and haven’t had the time for lately a^?? Watch a good DVD movie on my home theater system.
I’ve watched Batman Begins a^?? and they were damn good couple of hours.
This movie is a blast – A mature and gritty [...]