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Archive for November, 2005

Farewell Finjan

Today is my last day at Finjan, where I’ve been working for the last 2 years – The bulk of that time as a Product Manager.
I have only kind words to say, and below is my farewell email that was sent today to everyone:
Dear all,
As most of you probably know by now, today is my [...]

Google AdSense ads added

I’ve been contemplating doing it for some time now.
There are a few posts that seem to keep getting visitors.
Sometimes an article digged gets tons of traffic to my site.
So naturally I’m thinking – Hey, everybody’s doing it, why shouldn’t I?
I’m talking, of course, of adding Google AdSense to my site.
Well, as you can see, I’ve [...]

Firefox 1.5 Released!

Exactly 10 minutes ago Firefox 1.5 was released!
I’ve been using Firefox 1.5 RC builds (release candidates) for quite a while now, and the improvement is awesome.
The two coolest features I like:
1. The Back/Forward is now cached so moving between them is almost immediate.
2. The tabs order can be reorganized easily.
All in all this [...]

Added to Amazon Wishlist – Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

By pure chance I’ve stumbled on this year’s Hugo winner – Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.
Not only is the book a Hugo winner, I also liked the book’s premise as described on Amazon.
Yet another book to my growing Amazon Wish List (Now having 218 books and counting… )

Freaky Science: The McCulloch Effect

I like popular science.
I found this little science item a while ago, and it scared the hell outta me..!
Follow the instructions and see for yourself – The McCulloch Effect – An On-line Science Exhibit