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Finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

I think I’ve already mentioned this on a previous post, and I’m 100% behind this - Time Travel is by far my most favorite sub-genre.
I love time-travel movies and books and I try to read and watch anything related.

Imagine my delight when I’ve learned about “The Time Traveler’s Wife” - A book that actually revolves around the concept of time travel.
Not only that, the book is supposed to be really good. Quality literature, genre-transcending popularity and a new twist on the subject.

Naturally I couldn’t wait to read it. And I’ve just finally completed it. And let me tell you folks, I almost quit on a few occasions.

This book my friends, was one of the most disappointing books I’ve ever read.
The premise sounds cool: a love story between a regular woman and her husband, who spontaneously pops in and out in different years and engage in a life-long relationship through time.

There are actually some good bits, and the potential is there - But there are huge spans where the book is downright boring!!!
Don’t let the premise fool you - This is the book equivalent of a “chick flick” - Pages upon pages where NOTHING happens, just long descriptions of what the storyteller is doing or thinking - Which can be cool sometimes, but NOT when describing a fucking bird statue, or a handbag a woman is carrying!!!

I hate to waste my valuable time on a long review of this crappy book - So I’ll make it short and sweet: If you loved the English Patient or the Horse Whisperer - This might be a book for you.
If you dislike the above and you simply want to read interesting and quality sci-fi or time-travel books, please look elsewhere.

Oh, and by the way, if we’re already on the subject.
The BEST time-travel book I’ve ever read, and actually one of the best books I’ve ever read period, is Replay by Ken Grimwood.
Read this book - I guarantee you’ll love it.

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  1. Lamar Dilligaff UNITED STATES Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 Says:

    I couldn’t agree more about “Replay” by Ken Grimwood being the best time travel book ever written. I’ve read it at least 30 times and love it more each time I do. Another book which I think is the second best time travel book ever written is “STR8 BOLT” by J. T. Whitman. I’ve read this one a dozen times and find it completely enthralling. Both stories captivating.

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