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Whatisthatfile and Orangoo – Two new great online tools

This whole “Web 2.0″ business makes a lot of people laugh. And yes, most of it is a bubble, a marketing hype bubble, and quite a funny one at that.
However, there are still quite a few really good sites which belong to (Or maybe even defined) the Web 2.0 thingy..
A couple which I constantly use and come to mind are and bloglines.

Anyhow, today I’ve discovered two really cool and useful (Web 2.0) online tools: A simple help for you to identify any unknown files on your computer. While we still do not cover ALL of them, we might have some of the most requested ones here. You can enter a filename and see if this file is a dangerous trojan, malware, or simply a standard Windows file. Really well-made – Try it out.

Orangoo Spell Check - A really cool, and again, well-made online tool. A very good spell checker for 28 languages. Simply cut and paste text to it and get it spell-checked with some of the best checkers available (Google and aspell…).
The online spell checker concept is far from being new, but the execution here is really good.

Please bookmark these two – They’re both worthy additions to any toolbox..

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