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I love reading books. Mostly Science-Fiction books like the geek I am.
If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d have known it by the few book reviews I’ve posted. You can look back at them at the books category.

Not only do I read books, I collect books. I have a few hundreds, and they are all carefully arranged, tracked and cataloged. Obsessive? Compulsive? My wife thinks so, but I enjoy this hobby! :-)
Anyhow, for a few years now I’ve been using Book Collector by This piece of software was and is the single best program to catalog your book collection.
Again, I’ve enjoyed it for a few good years now.

Enter the Web 2.0 Era!
I’ve discovered an amazing Web site. It’s a Web 2.0 site. It’s a great Web 2.0 site. Hold tight – It’s a great and USEFUL Web 2.0 site!
Everyone – Meet LibraryThing.

I’ve discovered LibraryThing just yesterday, and immediately realized it’s the site of my dreams – An exquisite example for a perfect Web 2.0 service, and more importantly, which does what it does in the best way and answers my actual need to the letter.
LibraryThing sets out to do something very simple: It lets you store your book collection online. You can very easily add books by entering ISBN numbers and partial titles or authors.
In addition, it has great importing support. LibraryThing knows how to parse and import Amazon wish lists, XML lists, Excel sheets, CSV files etc etc.
No matter how you’ve built your LibraryThing library, either manually or by importing lists, the cool part is that LibraryThing queries various web sites (Amazon among them of course), national libraries and other online sources in order to display all the book data for you, including book covers.

This cool ability allowed me to simply export to an XML file the big book collection I’ve been cataloging for years using the Collectorz Book software, and import the entire list to LibraryThing. I had my entire collection up and working in a matter of an hour – Simply amazing.

Other cool, Web 2.0, features are of course social features. Tagging works great, commenting, sharing reviews, recommendation and more and more.
I can’t get enough of LibraryThing – It’s a perfect example of the advantages a GOOD Web 2.0 online service has over even the best software implementation.

Anyhow, while officially still in beta phase, LibraryThing works great. It’s free for up to 200 books. More than that is 10$ per year or 25$ for a lifetime membership.
I’ve purchased an account of course, it was worth every cent.

Not only did I find, explore and setup an entire book collection in a single day, I’ve also, as some if you may notice, already integrated a little of my book collection into
I’ve added a static link in the header to my book collection and used a widget feature LibraryThing provides to display a random book from my collection on the sidebar.

LibraryThing rules!!!
oh, and check out my book collection!




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