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Archive for April, 2006

LibraryThing – How I fell in love with a Web 2.0 site

I love reading books. Mostly Science-Fiction books like the geek I am.
If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d have known it by the few book reviews I’ve posted. You can look back at them at the books category.
Not only do I read books, I collect books. I have a few hundreds, and [...]

Windows Vista bashed by MS fan-boy Paul Thurnott

Paul Thurnott is one of the most well-known Microsoft expert and journalist.
His Website Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows has been, for years, a reliable news and article site about everything Microsoft-related.
I’ve been following Paul’s excited articles and reviews about Longhorn, now Windows Vista, for a few years now.
And we have reached an unbelievable stage: Paul [...]

Whatisthatfile and Orangoo – Two new great online tools

This whole “Web 2.0″ business makes a lot of people laugh. And yes, most of it is a bubble, a marketing hype bubble, and quite a funny one at that.
However, there are still quite a few really good sites which belong to (Or maybe even defined) the Web 2.0 thingy..
A couple which I constantly use [...]

Cool World Population Tool

I like all these cool little geeky information tools hidden throughout the Internet.
Another one I’ve found today is World Population TreeMap.
TreeMap is an interesting application which presents numerical data in a visual, graphic proportional hive.
Many of you would probably recognize this kind of data representation from the various hard drive space visualizers out there.
Anyhow, World [...]

Top Network Security/Hacking Tools

Some time ago I’ve posted about a nice security post I’ve found -Best Hacking Tools and Tutorials – Which collects links to good security/hacking tutorials.
Keeping with that tradition, I’ve stumbled on a nice digg post – Top 15 Security/Hacking Tools & Utilities. It’s a good summary for the most popular security tools.
In addition, one [...]