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Linux: Exporting Evolution Contacts to Thunderbird

Ubuntu Linux uses Evolution as the default mail client.
Since right now I’m not interested in the calender feature, I’ve installed Thunderbird – I think it’s the best mail client today.

Moving messages was a piece of cake and setting up the account was easy.
However – I’ve found a real problem. How the hell do I move the contacts from Evolution to Thunderbird?!
As much as I searched the Web and the newsgroups, I couldn’t come up with a valid solution!
It seemed Evolution was only willing to save the contacts to a VCF file, and Thunderbird will only accept a text (CSV) file.

After a long session of searching and browsing I’ve found that the solution exists. And it is the easiest and most obvious solution out there.
Ryan’s Scraps managed to find somehow the most straightforward solution, which he himself admits to be almost hidden online for some reason:

Ryan describes Exporting Evolution Contacts to Thunderbird:

Locate the path to an obscure Evolution utility called evolution-addressbook-export (Simply write locate evolution-addressbook-export for the exact path)
This utility will export your address book to CSV format, which you can then import to Thunderbird or any other mail client.

Ita^??s really simple once you know what to use and where to find it:
/usr/lib/evolution/2.X/evolution-addressbook-export --format=csv > contacts.csv

Now just import it into Mozilla Thunderbird (Addressbook a^?? Tools a^?? Import).

Thanks a lot Ryan!

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