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Archive for July, 2006

Today’s links

The following links were added by AviDardik on 2006-07-30

Malware Search —
A new search engine that finds live malware samples through Google queries.Tagged as: Computers Hacking Network Online-Tool Search Security
The Metasploit Project —
An amazing penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research framework.Tagged as: Computers Hacking Network Security Software

Dragonlance Movie

I’ve confessed on numerous occasions that I’m a geek. I’ve been one for a few good years now.
Hell, the fact that I’m even wasting time on writing this is pretty geeky..
Anyhow, any self-respecting geek must have read at some point one or more of the Dragonlance book series.
I’m not sure how they would [...]

Today’s links

The following links were added by AviDardik on 2006-07-23

YouOS —
YouOS – Browser based OSTagged as: Computers Geek Interesting Internet Online-Tool

How to create a Linux backup server and automatically backup your Windows XP

I’m really happy with this little setup I’ve made. I have two Windows machines, my wife and mines, and a single Ubuntu Linux server.
I wanted to somehow make sure that both my Windows XP machines have the important files and folders automatically and periodically backed up unto the Linux server.
This would make the Linux machine [...]

Printing a splitted large image (or poster) on several pages

We just got our new house plans. I wanted to do something which seemed elementary -
Split the large TIFF or EPS image file and actually print it across several normal A4 printer pages.
After a lot of hard searching on the Internet, as always, it appears it’s REALLY easy to do in Ubuntu Linux.
Simply install the [...]