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Borat The Movie – Trailer

Borat has been THE funniest “outloud funny” TV spots in my own personal TV viewing history.
So first of all, if you somehow managed to miss the magic, simply check out a couple of examples: one is Borat – Dating Service, second is Borat – Etiquette
and for many many more simply search YouTube for Borat

In any case, the exciting news is that we’re about to see Borat The Movie (The official name of the movie is actually Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan) really soon!!!
The movie is more of the same of what’s going on in the TV spots – And that CANNOT be bad.
Actually, I’ve found a few early screening reviews and they all claim Borat The Movie to be unbelievably funny!
Can’t wait.

All that is just the prequel to what I actually wanted to say, and that’s the fact the Borat The Movie Trailer has been released!
Checkout the “official” Borat Website for the trailer link.

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