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Archive for August, 2006

Making Your Own Passport Photos with Photoshop

Tonight, quite late, my wife requested me to arrange a digital image of our little son to be printed tomorrow as a passport picture.
I quickly searched the Internet and was delighted to find a great little tutorial: Making Your Own Passport Photos
This little gem is a bookmarking must – you just KNOW you’ll use it [...]

Do this and Microsoft will ship you Windows Vista Beta 2

I’ve found a cool thing on gHacks:
Go to the Microsoft Windows Vista quiz, answer a quick silly quiz and Microsoft will ship you Windows Vista Beta 2.

gHacks took the extra mile and posted all the Windows Vista quiz answers.
I just did it, and I recommend you to do it too – It takes 3 minutes [...]

Disproportionate response

I normally don’t touch these subject here – But I couldn’t resist myself with this.
A good friend sent me this, and it really struck home.
Satire, so true, so funny and so sad.

Click image to enlarge
Read up the rest of the satire at this mock site

Borat The Movie – Trailer

Borat has been THE funniest “outloud funny” TV spots in my own personal TV viewing history.
So first of all, if you somehow managed to miss the magic, simply check out a couple of examples: one is Borat – Dating Service, second is Borat – Etiquette
and for many many more simply search YouTube for Borat…
In any [...]

Convert Ubuntu Linux from brown to blue

Ubuntu Linux is a success like no other Linux distribution has even ever come close to.
It’s really good, and it just keeps getting better and better all the time.
However, one thing that seriously annoys me is that such a good and successful Linux distribution has made the unbelievably stupid choice of shit-brown as its primary [...]