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Yoggie revealed - Mobile Miniature Security Appliance

Yoggie Security System (which I’m proud to be a part of!) has finally officially announced its revolutionary product - The Yoggie Gatekeeper.

This little wander gadget is actually a complete miniature computer that can fit into the palm of your hand. It’s a dedicated Linux-based security appliance which is compact and easy to carry which will go anywhere with you, easily plug-in to your laptop and give you the same level of hardware-based, corporate-level security which you normally get in the confines of your organization.

This baby packs all relevant security features, the major ones being:
* Firewall
* Anti-Virus
* Anti-Spyware
* Anti-Spam
* Anti-Phishing
* Web Filtering
* Layer-8 Security Enginea^?? (protects from unknown attacks by observing the incoming content)
* Multi-Layer Security Agenta^?? (coordinates between the components to provide early detection)

In short, it has EVERYTHING.

And you get all this in an actual hardware appliance, no installation necessary, OS independent, stops threats before it actually gets to your laptop, simply plug it in and get the best security you can get!

And the price is really decent IMHO - Ranges between $180-$220 depending on the exact version you purchase.

So yes, I’m biased, I work at Yoggie. But if you know me, or been following my writing for a while - You know I think Yoggie is awesome!
And like any geek, I would kill to have one for myself - And guess what - I DO!
Highly recommended! :-)

2 Responses to “Yoggie revealed - Mobile Miniature Security Appliance”

  1. Liza Windows XP Mozilla Firefox Says:

    Congratulations to you and the rest of the crew! It sounds (and looks) great!

  2. Lior Daniel GERMANY Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 Says:

    Ata hamud ata…:-)

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