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Archive for October, 2006

First 4 minutes from Borat the movie – He speaks Hebrew!

As some of you might have guessed already from previous posts, I can’t wait to see this movie
Anyhow, the first 4 minutes from Borat the movie has been released on YouTube. Obviously, it’s awesome!
The amazing part however, is that Sacha Baron Cohen playing Borat, when speaking in his native tongue actually speaks Hebrew!!!
How cool is [...]

Microsoft Windows Defender Released

Microsoft released Windows Defender for XP today!
Windows defender, previously known as Microsoft Anti-Spyware is a FREE and great Anti-Spyware.
This software has been a widely use Beta for quite a long time, and now i’s finally complete, ready and out of Beta.
It is considered to be a very good Anti-Spyware product, so go ahead and install [...]

Firefox 2.0 OFFICIALY Released!

About a day and a half after posting them on the public FTP as posted yesterday, Firefox 2 is finally officialy released.
Get Firefox 2.0

Firefox 2.0 Released!

Firefox 2.0 is out!

Just released a couple of minutes ago.
As of writing this even the official Firefox Website is still not updated with this.
You can get it here though (it’s the official Firefox FTP server)
Hell, I even beat digg in reporting this!!!

About a day and a half after posting them on [...]

My amazing adventures with Borat, Wordpress, MySQL and Linux

In the last few days my site’s traffic is constantly higher than normal. Much more so.
From simply examining the Web’s log file, it’s clearly related to a Borat news item I once posted.
Apparently searching for “Borat” in Google Images shows my Web site on the first results page, as I’ve cleverly linked a really cool [...]