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Archive for November, 2006

Windows PowerShell (Monad) Released

Windows PowerShell, Formerly code-named Monad, has finally been released today!
I think what I always loved best about Linux was the amazing power the shell gave you, and the awesome stuff you can easily do in the command-line.
Even when using Windows XP, I always made sure to install Cygwin, so I have the awesome Linux command-line [...]

The Simpsons Movie Trailer Released!

The Simpsons Movie is another one of these films I’m waiting for.
I’ve been a hardcore fan of The Simpsons TV show for many years now.
The teaser trailer has been circulating around for a few months, but I’ve just discovered the first full real trailer has been released a couple of days ago.
Here it is:

Windows Vista RTM leaked online and can be downloaded

Windows Vista RTM has leaked online, and is spreading rapidly over Bittorrent, eDonley and IRC networks.
That’s the official, final, version you’ll get in the store.
Long Build: 6000.16386.061101-2205 (RTM)
Compile date: November 1, 22:05 (10:05pm)
Windows Vista went RTM only a few days ago, and has not yet been released to MSDN or Volume Licensing customers.
“Cracks” that removes [...]

Office 2007 available for Download

Microsoft has released Office 2007 on it’s Microsoft Volume License Services website.
Versions available for download is the
Office 2007 Enterprise
Office 2007 Groove
Office 2007 Professional
MSDN subscribers can expect to get it on November 12th.
Office 2007 went gold (RTM) on November 6th 2006.
Source: Microsoft Volume License Services website

[Via: Win-Vista]

First Windows Vista Review – Paul Thurrott

The first Windows Vista review has been posted.
It was written by Paul Thurrott, probably the most famous Microsoft expert/reporter.