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I’ve wrote my first Blog entry 2 years ago, On January 22nd 2005.

That was the first post I wrote under Wordpress, after examining a few other alternatives. And that’s what I’ve used since. This whole blog thing has actually started as a cool little project, back when I had no children, thus, actually had some spare time to kill…
I’ve decided to build my own Linux server, install every other necessary piece of software to have an actual operating Web and Email server and I’ve even actually hosted the Web site all this time from my own little decent home ADSL account. It was a very cool experience.

I’ve definitely learned a lot. But it’s time to go to the next level. Since there are no hundreds, if not thousands, of daily visitors, I cannot afford the bandwidth demands, upkeep, administration etc any longer. I see no point to host on my own machine in longer.
Thus, I’ve started the project of migrating to a real, external, hosting service. I’ve chosen for that task. Why? I simply heard tons of good things about it, and coupled with a great coupon I’ve found online, the monthly fee is ridiculously low at about $3.00 a month..!

So far, has been an amazing experience really.
Having, for these past 2 years, to build everything ground up the hard way, made it seem absolutely unbelievably easy. I’ve set up Wordpress with 2 clicks, setup a Gallery easily, had phpMyAdmin almost instantly. And so on and so forth.
In short – I now have tons of bandwidth, tons of space and no worries about power outages etc..! :-)

I took this opportunity to upgrade to Wordpress 2.0.5, replace the theme to a new one, and generally improve things a little. It might still take some time for all the little changes to accumulate and the Web site to return to full, normal, operation. But I’m most of the way there.

Your feedback, comments and any other input is, as always, very welcome.


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  1. Ziv Says:

    Welcome Back!
    I didn’t know why your nifty little website/blog didn’t work but now i know… so…
    welcome back to my RSS toolbar of firefox :)


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