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All Heroes episodes now available online!

Heroes. The best TV series I’ve ever watched. Period. Better than Lost. Better than 24.

I read some warm recommendations. Went out and illegally downloaded the episodes and watched them.
It’s THE best TV show ever. Did I already say that? Well, maybe because it’s the best TV show EVER.

OK, I think you get the point.
Anyhow, NBC made a great move and released all Heroes episodes for free streaming on its Web site!!!

Go there now, and promise me to, no matter what, watch at least the first 3 episodes. You won’t be able to sop afterwards.

11 Responses to “All Heroes episodes now available online!”

  1. akapulko2020 Says:

    Unfortunately ,the online streaming option doesn’t seem to be available for Israeli viewers….
    “We’re sorry ,but the clip you selected isn’t available for your location .Please select another clip”

    You got me curious enough to google the show’s name though …:)

  2. Avi Says:

    Wow, you’re right!
    This thing is new since I had no problems watching the episodes a few days ago.
    Thanks for the update!

    Still – If you can’t watch the stream, you can always simply download the episodes with eMule or BitTorrent..!
    Please do!

  3. pianio12 Says:

    not available to South Korea either.
    I’ll need to eMule and hope i’m not catched.

  4. Amit Says:

    I followed your sleezy advice and it IS an awsome TV series. I tried the streaming from the site, but is sucks having to watch it on the computer screen, so I returned to downloading the whole episodes through the Mule, conveting and burning 3 episodes on each DVD and watching on my 37″ Tochiba LCD. MAN, this is good. And 3 at a time is just the right dose.
    So I watched 1 through 4 now – and I have up to 11 waiting to be burned. can’t wait to see the rest.

  5. Avi Says:

    Hey Amit -
    I didn’t have the tiniest doubt you’ll LOVE this series. ;-)
    And guess what?
    It just keeps getting better and better every episode!

  6. cg Says:

    They were all online as of last night, but now they only go back to episode 8! I was trying to go back and watch the first few I missed. The site link still says “all episodes online now.” Hmmm.

  7. DGC Says:

    Yeah, I was hooked after watching Heroes for the first time on Monday with Episode 12. I was excited to find 1-11 on NBC Rewind, and watched Episode 1 that same night. The next morning 2-7 were gone! Now, I’m lost! So disappointed I almost don’t want to watch anymore. Does anyone know where else online I can find 2-7?

  8. omair Says:

    dgc…i dont see episode one either…??

    damn nbc…

  9. tony Says:

    we can use psiphon us node to view it!!

  10. Marina Says:


  11. Mel Says:

    Hi i watch Heroes and other TV shows online for free over at this website called the address is They also have a image gallery full of images with Heroes Season 2 in there,

    I think you will be happy with the links.

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