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Paint.NET v3.0 Released

I love GOOD free software.
There are millions of free programs, so it’s a little hard to find them - But they’re there. There are tons of GREAT free software.
They are underdogs, the mass public are unaware of them, but they’re there. And often times they are even much better than the commercial and expensive alternatives, or they simply replace a much poorer OS-default alternative.

Paint.NET is a prime example for EXCELLENT free software.
It’s the best of 2 worlds - Combining the lightness and quickness of default Windows Paint, yet provides some of the more used advanced features of Photoshop-grade applications.
It’s the PERFECT image editor. And it’s free!

Version 3.0 just got released. And it adds even MORE coolness, such as (finally) tab-based multi-document user interface, and many more features.

So go on and get Paint.NET 3.0 NOW!!!

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