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Archive for January, 2007

Paint.NET v3.0 Released

I love GOOD free software.
There are millions of free programs, so it’s a little hard to find them – But they’re there. There are tons of GREAT free software.
They are underdogs, the mass public are unaware of them, but they’re there. And often times they are even much better than the commercial and expensive alternatives, [...]


Today I am 30. Thirty!
Thirty is an age in which, by any account or opinion, you are truly an adult. At least chronologically-wise.
And if you haven’t made some grave mistakes along the way, you are also an adult intellectually and emotionally.
So I’m thirty. Wow.
I haven’t made my million yet.
Haven’t invented the great invention. Haven’t [...]

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) For Dummies

IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is probably the least familiar MUST-HAVE security component.
That’s probably due to the fact that the consumer market, while already familiar with and uses firewalls and anti-virus, doesn’t yet have friendly, mass-market IDS product available.
At the very least you MUST know something about this important security component.
Check out this short and sweet [...]

Got a Mazda 3? It can be broken into by just punching the passenger door!

I have a Mazda 3 !!!
You should probably get that checked out ASAP. The sad part is, Mazda has known about this for some time now. Numerous people report missing items but no signs of a break-in. Canadian website got the skinny from an anonymous Mazda dealer that if one hits the passenger door [...]

Computer generated actors

This is amazing. But we’ve known for years it’s coming.
Check out this short clip showing the latest technology to easily create and manipulate virtual actors, based on real people.
Starts up slow and closes with a bang.