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Gmail: Check Email from your other accounts!

Uh Oh, Gmail Just Got Perfect!!!

Although reported back in last December, this has only been activated globally today:

Mail Fetcher allows users to access non-Gmail email accounts from within the Gmail interface. If you have a Yahoo email account, and a work email account, etc., you can simply access that email from within Gmail, using POP settings. Gmail will now work in a very similar way as Outlook does on the PC desktop.

Simply go to the Settings screen, then Accounts, simply configure the Get mail from other accounts option.
Just as simple as that.
Gmail is now truly fantastic!

One Response to “Gmail: Check Email from your other accounts!”

  1. Amit Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 Says:

    I beg to differ, but I have been researching web-mail for almost as long as they existed (remember and I will debate anyone anytime saying that the new Yahoo mail is WAY WAY better than gmail. Did you try it? just awsome. easy graphical view, you can drag-and-drop emails between folders, tabs allow you to view/edit several emails at the same time and a lot of other goodies that squeeze the most out of Ajax. Don’t say no before you give it a try.

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