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Archive for February, 2007 totally revamped. Amazing new features! has been around for a long time. For years now it has been one of the leading Web sites for measuring your Internet connection speed.
The news is that the site was totally revamped, and it looks AMAZING.
Both visually and functionally – The new site is simply a treat.

IMDB Interface Changes

IMDB, or the Internet Movie Database, is both one of my favorite sites and also one of the oldest examples for the amazing tool the Internet is.
For years now, IMDB has been my encyclopedic source for movie-related information.
However, design-wise, it pretty much remained unchanged for many years now. And its age was showing. VERY much [...]

Gmail: Check Email from your other accounts!

Uh Oh, Gmail Just Got Perfect!!!

Although reported back in last December, this has only been activated globally today:
Mail Fetcher allows users to access non-Gmail email accounts from within the Gmail interface. If you have a Yahoo email account, and a work email account, etc., you can simply access that email from within Gmail, using [...]

Back from San-Francisco

If you’re a regular here, then you must have noticed the lack of posts for the last couple of weeks or so.
The reason for that was a very simple one: I’ve attended the RSA conference in San-Francisco.

The week long business trip has been truly amazing for me.
First of all, business-wise it was great. Yoggie, the [...]

Most SEOs are crooks?

If you have any sort of Web site, either personal or commercial, you should be aware of SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
It’s an important and valid field and any site needs to make sure it is Search Engine Optimized.
However, in recent years a little industry has evolved around SEO. Tons of SEO “experts” are aggressively [...]