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Archive for July, 2007

Turn Yourself Into a Simpsons Character

Full disclosure: I’m a huge Simpsons fan. I’ve been one since the first season premiered, and I’ll probably be one forever. (Can’t wait for the movie!)
To promote the launch of the first full-length Simpsons feature film, Burger King and Fox have created The Simpsonizer. Woo-hoo!
Now, we’ve seen online cartoon “studios” before that allow you to [...]

What does the version number of Ubuntu Linux mean?!

* Note *
This post was originally written back in April when
Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was released. Due to the now-resolved technical problems the site has been suffering from it hasn’t appeared until know.
The point of the post, as the title suggests, is below the announcement itself and it explains what the weird Ubuntu version numbers [...] back up. Again.

It’s funny how the last post was about being down for 2 weeks.
It’s funny because this post, the one directly after it, is written four months after!!!
The combination of a very intense period of time at work, coupled with the home front, and finally the fact that there was some sort of technical problem [...]