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YouTorrent – The new best BitTorrent search engine

You all know BitTorrent is by far the best file sharing network right?
I still use eMule for those hard to find files, but for movies, TV shows and pretty much anything that’s new and popular – Torrent is by far the best and fastest way to download.
Only contrary to eMule, there’s no built-in search capabilities. You need to use an online search engine site to find good torrents.

I’ve been using for a very long time as my torrent search engine. It’s been real good to me. However, I’ve stumbled on a TechCrunch review of the new kid on the blog.

is a meta-search engine that indexes torrents from other sites (such as btjunkie, The Pirate Bay), then prioritizes the results based on the number of seeds and peers each torrent has. For example a search for something like Cloverfield offers multiple results but most importantly provides the torrent with the most participants first. For those not familiar with BitTorrent, the more seeds and peers a Torrent has, the faster the file will likely download.

So I’ve just started using YouTorrent, and it does look very impressive indeed. I’ll keep using it for the next few days and see if it’ll become my new main torrent search engine.

Oh – And regarding which application to use for downloading torrents?
That’s a very easy one – uTorrent kicks any so-called competitor’s butt easily.

One Response to “YouTorrent – The new best BitTorrent search engine”

  1. TorrentZEN Says:

    We’re pleased to announce that has been made available to the public. It was a proof of concept type of project, but it’s been tested by loads of people with many different web browsers.

    It searches 18 of the best BitTorrent web sites in real-time, and it’s quite user-friendly, thanks to AJAX & DHTML. We’d love to hear your feedback:

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