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Archive for January, 2008

World’s first USB-sized personal hardware firewall

Earlier this month Yoggie Security System (Yes, I work there ) launched the Firestick Pico.
Firestick Pico is very exciting since it’s the word’s first, and so far only, USB-sized personal hardware firewall!
This is an extremely exciting product. Personally I think the concept itself is a revolution in the security market.
Think about it: [...]

How to open or convert .odt (OpenOffice) files in Microsoft Word?

If a friend or colleague sends you a document and you receive an .odt file, you quickly discover it cannot be opened with Microsoft Word.
.odt is the default file format of documents written in the equivalent of Microsoft Office. OpenOffice does have the ability to “Save As” regular .doc Word files, but many people [...]

YouTorrent – The new best BitTorrent search engine

You all know BitTorrent is by far the best file sharing network right?
I still use eMule for those hard to find files, but for movies, TV shows and pretty much anything that’s new and popular – Torrent is by far the best and fastest way to download.
Only contrary to eMule, there’s no built-in search capabilities. [...]

How to open Office 2007 .docx files?

It happened to me a couple of times so far – A friend or colleague send an email with a Word file attached, but it’s a .docx rather than .doc file.
This means it is saved in the Word 2007 format which my Office 2003 can’t read. tries to answer the question of How to open [...]

Sun acquires MySQL

In a (very) surprising move, this morning it was reported that Sun acquires MySQL!
MySQL is the most popular Open-Source database, running among other things most of the Web sites on the Internet (Including!) and most popular Open-Source projects that require a database.
Read the MySQL Blog post about the acquisition.
Read the official Sun announcement.