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How to read books on your iPhone

I’m a proud iPhone owner, as evident by reading my Web site posts.
The iPhone is truly a work of art. A revolution, rather than an evolution, in mobile phone slash PDA slash personal communicator. It has some serious killer features no other phone offers.
Still – I keep switching between the iPhone and the Nokia N95 because the iPhone has some super annoying quirks as a PDA.

However - I keep using my iPhone all the time since I discovered it’s simply revolutionary in its ability to be a small mobile entertainment unit.
Aside from an actual phone, I use it mostly to read books! It’s an excellent eBook reader. While I always read a lot of books, I never managed to find a decent solution for reading electronic books – Until the iPhone.
You can probably find any book on eMule nowadays, and now I finally have a great eBook reader – My iPhone.
I actually already completed 2 books completely on the iPhone and it’s been a real eye opening experience. I’m absolutely sure the future of reading books is digital.
I can read in bed, while the room is completely dark and only my iPhone backlight serving perfectly lighted reading experience while not disturbing my wife in any way with a night light.
Since I actually carry the iPhone with me anywhere I go, I can always fill in those dead times – traffic, waiting rooms etc and read up some more of the book.
Honestly, it’s a great experience.

What you do is super simple:
1. First you need the reader software. Once your iPhone is unlocked and the installer app and sources are properly in place, simply install the books app for text and HTML formatted books and PDFViewer for PDF formatted books.
2. Now you just need the books. The simplest and best solution is simply to use eMule to find almost any book want.

4 Responses to “How to read books on your iPhone”

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  2. Uri Sharf Says:

    Actually Mobile Safari has PDF support and you don’t need a jail broken iPhone/iPod Touch to read them if you have access to the file on the Web. I use it to read from my desktop machine, using iPhone Remote. Brilliant resolution indeed and a great device for this purpose, though could be restrictive in terms of the lack of zoom support it this setup.
    I’ve wrote a small review of iPhone Remote here:

  3. Duke Says:

    Have you tried ? Pont Safari on your iPhone to and read over 30000 books on your iPhone. Can’t be easier than that :)

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