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Format wars are over: Blu-ray Wins! HD DVD dead!

This was posted yesterday. Now, a day after, it’s OFFICIALLY official: “Toshiba just made a statement saying, it will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders.”

This is big news for the consumers and the digital media world. It seems like the format wars are officially over:

After the first Hollywood Reporter indications, along with the Japanese NHK article comes additional confirmation from Reuters sources, it’s a wrap. Toshiba is shutting down its DVD manufacturing facilities in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, while official word is expected “soon”.

This is of course very good for the consumer, as beyond the simple fact that 2 incompatible formats is generally bad for a consumer, the Blu-Ray is considered to be technically better (Defintely holds musch more data per disc).

[Via: EngadgetHD]

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