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How to download album covers for iTunes without an account

If you’re an iPod owner, or like me, an iPhone owner, you have no choice but to use iTunes for uploading your MP3 collection.
One super-cool feature is downloading the album cover art for all your songs and that cool 3D like browsing through album covers – But guess what? You must have an iTunes account to use this feature.
This one is ugly. I don’t have and don’t want an iTunes account. I just want to get those album covers for all my MP3 songs.

Well, now there’s a free automatic solution even better than that.
iArtwork is a simple tool to automatically get album artwork for your iTunes Library.
It finds the original album cover for your music so your iTunes Library looks great in iTunes, iPod and iPhone.

Download iArtwork

10 Responses to “How to download album covers for iTunes without an account”

  1. Herman Says:

    Why do you guys insist on writing small apps like this in .net? 800k app with another big ass download for .net. Not all of us are US citizins with fat bandwidth at our disposal.

  2. jack Says:

    it works. awesome!

  3. daz Says:

    a great tool

  4. Manuel Says:

    pretty good, won’t find all of my covers, but still, best one yet!

  5. John Says:

    amazing tool, i’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks a lot!!!

  6. Tony Says:

    I dont have an itunes account and downloaded iartwork as your suggestions. All artwork worked well and imported to itunes but encountered one big problem – the artwork wont sync to my iphone. Can anyone tell me how to transfer the artwork to my iphone? Many thanks, Tony

  7. Cesar Says:

    Man! This tool is awesome. Thank you very much, I would kiss you if you were a lady!

  8. kenelm Says:

    i want to ask a question

    why havent you bothered with this for mac
    you know if you did you would have thousands of downloads

  9. lisa Says:

    Mac version please!

  10. Nick B Says:

    Oh, and here I was all ready to give thanks, but before I can, is when I get the message about paying to actually use the product.

    I swear, you people and money…

    I’m sixteen, and can’t get a job in this economy… If I dont have a credit card to get an itunes account to use their album artwork updater for FREE, what makes you think I have a pay pal to PAY YOU for the same thing? Disgusting.

    Oh, and btw, the people have a point with this not being available to mac users… all mac users have itunes, so you’d get way more downloads.

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