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Find the MAC address of your Nokia N95

Shortly following the Nokia N95 post, here’s a quick tip about how to find the MAC address of your Nokia N95.
I needed it since I must explcitly allow every device, according to MAC address, that wants to connect to my Wi-Fi network router.

Simply enter *#62209526# and that’s it.

4 Responses to “Find the MAC address of your Nokia N95”

  1. Pinky Wadhwania Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 Says:

    Thanks a lot!
    You helped me find out my phone’s MAC address too!


  2. juli84 GERMANY Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox Says:

    Sweet! Thanks a lot.

  3. kyluc Windows XP Says:

    Thanks a lot!
    I needed this code.


  4. Mario UNITED STATES Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 Says:

    THank you very much! Very useful!

    God bless

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