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Nokia N95 - Some thoughts and firmware upgrade from 12.0.013 to 20.0.015

I’ve been writing quite a bit about my iPhone. That’s natural, it’s an amazing gadget.
However, as I’ve previously mentioned as well, there are some annoying limitations that makes me sometimes ditch the iPhone and use the Nokia N95.
I’m now in a long stretch of using the N95, and I like it more and more as times goes by.

First of all, contrary to the iPhone, it’s simply a good PHONE.
The iPhone is revolutionary and amazing, but lets face it - When all you want is to simply make a phone call, it’s too complicated. It’s not intuitive.
Even the speaker on the iPhone is shitty.
The N95, on the contrary, like most Nokia phones is first of all a damn good PHONE.

Second, the iPhone sucks as a PDA. I need a very good feature set supporting syncing with Outlook. I need all my contacts, meetings and tasks. The iPhone simply sucks at this, having only the absolute minimum in PDA/Outlook performance.
The N95, on the other hand, excels at doing that. The Outlook sync is awesome, works perfectly, and the PDA feature set is almost perfect.

And these 2 points above are just the beginning of why the N95 rocks. These 2 reasons are the 2 rock-solid major reasons why I lately prefer the N95 over the iPhone.
And there are many other great things that the N95 has and the iPhone doesn’t: GPS (!!!), decent speaker, radio tuner, open to any operator and much more…

Yes, the iPhone is amazing, and it’s a prototype of how the future of gadgets will look like - But right now, I prefer the Nokia N95.

Oh, before I forget, the reason I’ve even decided to post about the N95 is that I just had it smoothly upgraded from firmware version 12.0.013 to 20.0.015.
Simply used the Nokia Suite to upgrade firmware, and it was as simple as that. And it’s a very significant upgrade - including significantly improved memory management, a couple N-Gage demos with a link to download the full app when it’s available, search integration from the home screen, improved camera performance, and the list goes on;

So what’s new in this major version? Here’s a partial list:

  • New Welcome application
  • New camera software and tweaks from the 8GB model - FAR faster shot to shot time, with ‘Processing image message’ during any delays.
  • Long press on camera button launches camera if shutter is open
  • New My Nokia SMS tips and mobile web portal system
  • Demand paging (for ROM applications) with 30 plus MB free RAM after booting.
  • Search 4.0 integration on standby screen.
  • N-Gage game previews (FIFA, Asphalt) and portal/shortcut to upcoming N-Gage client, as in N81 and N95 8GB
  • Music player has a new visualization
  • Assorted other minor tweaks, along the same lines as the N95 8GB, with video ringtones and theme animations

*NOTE * Please remember that a firmware update will delete all data from your C drive (internal memory). You should back up your data. You may also wish to perform a sync with your PC to ensure any data you entered on your phone is on your PC.

Another note: I’m of course using an Israeli Hebrew enabled N95 version from Orange. As I wrote above - Worked perfectly.

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  2. San Says:

    You are aware that there is another firmware update available for N95 -, right? For Israel too

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