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Archive for March, 2008

If Homer Simpson was real

This is spooky.
Click the regular cartoon Homer Simpson photo below to look at a picture of what Homer would look like if he was a real person.
Homer Simpson rendered super realistically:

Find the MAC address of your Nokia N95

Shortly following the Nokia N95 post, here’s a quick tip about how to find the MAC address of your Nokia N95.
I needed it since I must explcitly allow every device, according to MAC address, that wants to connect to my Wi-Fi network router.
Simply enter *#62209526# and that’s it.

Nokia N95 – Some thoughts and firmware upgrade from 12.0.013 to 20.0.015

I’ve been writing quite a bit about my iPhone. That’s natural, it’s an amazing gadget.
However, as I’ve previously mentioned as well, there are some annoying limitations that makes me sometimes ditch the iPhone and use the Nokia N95.
I’m now in a long stretch of using the N95, and I like it more and more as [...]

One of those cool Web sites you want to check out

Check out this Web site. (Wait for it…)

TeamViewer – Best free remote control software

For years I’ve been the technical support call center for, mainly, my mother. She’s had to work with a computer for the last decade or so, with a specific industry software. She can, mechanically, perform all the actions necessary to control that specific application – But anything beyond that is completely beyond her.
Naturally, throughout these [...]