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Finished reading the Worldwar series by Harry Turtledove

Finally finished reading the fourth and final book in the Worldwar series by Harry Turtledove.
I enjoyed the series very much since it’s a great mix of real history, alternate history and science fiction.

The books, which took me quite a few months to read, tell the story of Earth’s countries locked in the height of WWII battles, when an invading alien force lands and attempts to conquer the planet for themselves.
Although the Race, a reptilian species, has the advantage of superior technology, their last information on humans was collected by a robotic probe during the 12th century. Their technology is only marginally ahead of what we have today, and much of their equipment relies on basic principles still in use. The “Lizards,” as their human antagonists quickly dub them, are extremely surprised that mankind has progressed so far since their probe visited Earth. No species they have ever encountered has advanced so rapidly: they thought the toughest military force on the planet would still be Crusader knights on horses.

The really cool thing with these books is how Turtledove, a historian, incorporates true historic events and figures into the storyline.
I, for instance, liked how the Jews (Mordechai Anielewicz!) played a major part in the events.

In any case, I recommend the series and have already continued on to read the Colonization Trilogy.

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