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Yoggie announces Gatekeeper Card Pro

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you know I’m working at Yoggie, a great company with great products.
As I’ve written before, Yoggie’s Gatekeeper Pico is essentially a USB-sized miniature computer running Linux and a full Internet security suite, so you just stick it into the USB port of a Windows machine and you are 100% protected without the need to install anything AND you actually save all those CPU and memory resources the typical security suite system hogs use.

This week Yoggie has announced a very exciting new product – The Gatekeeper Card Pro.
The Gatekeeper Card Pro is the same concept, but in the form of an ExpressCard card which you can simply slide into your laptop. You then don’t feel it and don’t even see it.
You actually have a full Linux security server running inside your Windows machine protecting it all the time.

The list of security components that Yoggie offers inside its products is a very impressive one:

* Anti-Virus
* Anti-Spam
* Anti-Phishing
* Anti-Spyware
* Intrusion Detection System
* Intrusion Prevention System
* Firewall (Stateful Inspection)
* VPN Client
* Web Filtering/Parental Content Control
* Transparent Email and Web Proxies
* Adaptive Security Policy™
* Multi-Layer Security Agent™
* Layer-8 Security Engine™

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