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Splashtop: Instant-on Linux OS on the motherboard

ASUS just announced that some of their top motherboard will feature “Express Gate”, actually a different name for Splashtop.

And boy, Splashtop is cool. Splashtop is a full Linux OS environment, pre-set with browser, email, Skype and other Internet applications which you can start using immediately after turning your machine on. There’s practically no booting as the Linux OS is running directly from the motherboard.

What does this mean?
Many of us, including myself, now got used to simply leaving their machines on 24*7 since when wanting to check email or wanting to run a quick Google search, we don’t want to wait the 5 minutes of booting into your Windows.
With Splashtop, you can turn your machine on and immediately do just that. Quickly, in and out. Only when truly wanting to work on your computer, you can proceed to booting your full OS.

I’m really impressed with this technology and will definitely keep it in mind and consider this very interesting feature when shopping for a new motherboard.

Here’s a quick and easy movie explaining Splashtop:

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