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Archive for June, 2008

Diablo 3 Announced

I can’t seriously call myself a gamer. I used to call myself a gamer, but that was a few good years ago now.
Playing computer games used to be a serious hobby for me, but marrying, having 2 kids, a dog, a career and just life in general kind of sets different priorities in life.
I even [...]

Firefox 3 Released!

That’s it, it’s finally here after almost 3 years of development – 2 hours ago Mozilla has officially released Firefox 3.
I immediately tried to download FF3 as it came out, but apparently, so did many other people so Mozilla’s servers were down. Now it’s 2 hours later and downloads are working!
So get going – Download [...]

Firefox 3 to be released next week!

You’re also using Firefox, right?
I mean who doesn’t?
Well, version 3 of the world’s best Web browser, Firefox, will be released next week!
Tuesday, June 17th, according to Mozilla.
After development of nearly 3 (!!!) full years, the next major version will include many different new features, fixes and improvements.
But the most important one in the list, as [...]

Redefining Anti-Virus Software

A quick and interesting article over at discusses the new emerging trend in anti-virus software technology.
It’s program whitelisting. The concept itself is of course not a new one. Have one big list with signature of benign ALLOWED programs, and any program not in the list is a suspect and will not be allowed to [...]