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Dropbox: Invitations Anyone?

It seems to be the way to launch Web 2.0 products ever since GMail started this trend. Establish an invite-only Beta phase where only people who have somehow received an invitation can join and participate. This of course controls the rate of new users joining the service, but also in parallel creates a nice marketing buzz from the people looking to get invited.
Well, with me it works! I’m always on the lookout for joining cool new Web 2.0 type services.

I’ve been following for some time now reviews for Dropbox, a supposedly (according to reviews) great service that enables you with little to no effort keeping your desktop files synced with “the cloud”.
I’ve registered on their Web site as a candidate for Beta, but it’s been months and no invitation yet.
I’ve searched the Web a little for some invitations, which normally pays off, but with no luck too.

I thought I’ll give it a try and actually post a request for an invitation here, for the off chance there’s someone with invitations Googling for people that want one.. ;-)

So – Do you have a Dropbox invitation for me?

* Aug 30 2008 UPDATE *
Well, it took a few days but it has actually worked. Somehow someone (Thanks Lesley!) found my online cal for help and sent me an invite. I am now a proud owner of a Beta Dropbox account. Is it worth it? Time will tell..

To be honest I’m more impressed with the fact that I just needed something. Asked for it on my blog, and got it.
So let’s try it again: Can anyone give me a million Dollars?
Thank you.

4 Responses to “Dropbox: Invitations Anyone?”

  1. Lesley Says:

    If you still need one just send me your e-mail address.

  2. Dany Says:

    Hi :)
    I’ll be glad if you’d like to share a dropbox invitation with me.

  3. Dominic Says:

    I was looking for something like DropBox for the past few week but when I finally founded i hit a wall with the invites.
    Can anyone send me one? Please I would very grateful.
    My email is: thanks in advance.

  4. mohammad Says:

    send me an invite. thank you.

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