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Nostalgia added to the site

I’ve had the opportunity to rummage through a lot of old stuff and documents in the last few months – Moving would do that to you.
And there were a few things that just made me go wow. I want to share with you a couple of nostalgic computer/Internet related documents. Historic pieces. While amazingly nostalgic personally for me, some of you might find this reference to older computer days kinda cool.

The stuff I’ve added are:

1. A scan of a receipt for my first IBM-clone PC. I had a Commodore 64 for quite a few good years before this, but this is my first PC.
Since it’s in Hebrew, here’s a quick recap of the hardware specs:

  • “Baby” case + Power
  • Super VGA card
  • Multi I/O – AT Card
  • IDE Card
  • 5.25″ Floppy Drive
  • 40MB Hard drive

The date? 1991. Wow, it’s not even my first computer. Just my first PC, and it’s already been 17 years. Damn I’m getting old.

2. This is really cool. My first Web site. I found this, as well as the other versions below, in a backup CD that was laying around for 10 years in some dusty drawer. I’ve simply uploaded it to my blog.

I’ve been connected to the Internet since, probably, around 1993 with text mode Internet. I’ve been “online” for a few years before that using the good old BBS antiquities, but I guess that doesn’t really count. I’ve “upgraded” my internet to graphic-mode with Netscape on Windows 95 in probably around 1996.
My first Web site was created in 1998. Shortly after finally graduating from 3 years in the army.
And here it is: D-DAY.
Click the logo (Which I was so proud at the time of creating myself!)..
It looks unbelievable corny and satirical even. But guys, these is 10 years ago. It was OK to have a Web site like that at that point in time.. :-)

I found some other versions:
1998: D-DAY
1999: D-DAY is much improved. A lot more sophisticated. I especially like how it looks like a blog, even thought he word was not invented yet.. ;-)
2003: Anigam. Some weird attempt at building something new. I can’t really understand now what I was trying to achieve back then…

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